How I Discovered and Grew to Love Hamptons Furniture from I Wanna Go Home

I have always believed in simple yet elegant styling, especially in the choice of furniture. You can call me old-fashioned but I still prefer very simple designs over highly luxurious and quite elaborate furniture designs that are primarily intended for kings, queens, and other members of royalty. No offense to those who prefer lavish indulgence over the simple yet stylish. But, I would take minimalist designs anywhere. Simple yet elegant. Quaint yet with a modern feel. Things that I have seen in the Hamptons furniture line of I Wanna Go Home.

But I have to admit, my choice of furniture was starkly different from what I grew up with. My parents were more of Victorian era fanatics with lavishly decorated furniture that were as big as Cooper. I know it’s exaggeration but you get the idea. We didn’t live in a mansion and boy, those furniture sure did made things a lot more difficult. From cleaning to maintenance to even moving around the piece of furniture, it takes considerable amount of maneuvering to avoid bumping into these furniture. There wasn’t a day when I would hurt myself from those big, bulky, oversized furniture that I decided, when I get to have my own home, I’d go for the simple, minimalist, yet truly functional and very stylish design.

The experiences we had can really teach us a lot of things. I know that if my parents did not have those big and bulky furniture I will never be able to appreciate the beauty and style of the simpler and smaller ones. And true enough, I am now using Hamptons style furniture in my own home.

It wasn’t easy though. What I do know is that the Hamptons in Long Island, New York just happens to be the home of some of the United States’ luxurious and truly expensive residential properties. The collection of hamlets and villages is known as one of the most popular seaside resort in the US. And with this distinction infused into the qualities of a Hamptons style of furniture, I know that I simply have to choose the best provider of such pieces of furniture.

A friend of mine told me to check out I Wanna Go Home. I was curious at first simply because I find the name to be unique and odd at the same time especially for a furniture retailer. But then I realized, it was actually ingenious. At the end of the day, no matter where you are, the home is where the heart will always return to. I guess that is what the owners of the shop had in mind when they decided to name it I Wanna Go Home.

Anyway, I checked out their website and was actually blown away by their wide array of Hamptons style furniture. I never knew that there could be that many. Best of all, I saw some of the pieces that I have been looking for in the past few years. You can say it was love at first sight especially their selection of living room furniture. The furniture designs actually complimented the styling in my home. I knew it made sense to get my furniture from them especially that they provided free delivery.

My first order was a Greenface Coffee table made of reclaimed teak. I knew I had to give it a try first so I can inspect the quality of the furniture. The coffee table was actually a lot better than what I have seen in their gallery. The craftsmanship was so superb that it did not show it was made of reclaimed wood. The construction was very sturdy and the finish was elegantly done, showing the fine and elegant lines of teak. Delivery times was within 5 days since I was also within the Melbourne area. The delivery guys were so courteous and you could tell they are geared for absolutely high levels of customer service.

That was my first order. And then a second. Then a third. Now, I have my home complete with furniture from a single source – I Wanna go Home. You can say that I was sold to their idea of returning to where the heart really is every single day. And I have been enjoying my furniture ever since. From the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen as well as accent furniture, I Wanna Go Home really makes me feel wanting to go home every single day. Sometimes, going out of the house makes me lazy because of this lovely ambience.

Now, I can say that having a home is not just about constructing its walls and roof. This too must be completed with quality furniture that will make the interiors more attractive. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, functionality is also an essential factor. The balance of form and function makes a home a haven of peace and harmony. Call me old-fashioned but isn’t this exactly what the home is?

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